Who are we?

Our Mission

My name is Garrett and my passion is to make metal art.

A Sacramento, CA native. I grew up watching my father make pieces of art and furniture from scrap pieces of wood and metal. My fathers ability to create had me, at a young age, inspired to follow in his footsteps and start creating magic myself. I have been in the metal business for over 30 years and finally decided that i could offer the world a little piece of inspiration. 

I started exploring my artistic side by repurposing all the metal scraps that were basically the waste products of the HVAC company I worked for. I would turn them into custom pieces of art by cutting, bending and painting them.

Eventually I started buying my own sheets of metal to make my own metal art for my startup Etsy shop.

We try to be as unique as possible with my art while also offering designs that are tried and true. I put a lot of care into each piece. From sanding off all the rough parts to hammering, painting, oxidizing, and bending. Every piece takes time and effort and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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